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School of Engineering and Computer Science
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Are you a determined problem solver? Do you like to build, create, discover, and collaborate? Then the School of Engineering and Computer Science is the perfect fit for you! Whether it's building strong cities, advancing health care, sustaining the environment, or creating the next greatest app, technology is a field as limitless as your imagination. At Pacific SoECS, our students develop dual competencies - technical and social. They must understand the principles of science as well as the nature of human needs and behavior and the impact of technology on society. The modern engineer and computer scientist deal with socially relevant matters including pollution, energy resources, sustainability, health care, and public transportation systems. They are experts in manufacturing processes, communications systems, medical electronics, the space program, and numerous other endeavors that provide citizens of the world with a safer and more conscious experience.

Dr. Scott Merry: New Assistant Provost of Student Academic Support and Retention

The Provost announced the appointment of Dr. Scott Merry, Civil Engineering Professor, as the new Assistant Provost for Student Academic Support and Retention.

Celebrating 45 Years of STEM Sucess
STEM Student Leaders Connect with Silicon Valley Industry

See how these students celebrated 45 Years of STEM success at the annual MESA Student Leadership Conference.

"We Are" Pacific SOECS

Our world has complex problems. We prepare you to become part of the solution.
Watch our first-ever #pacificsoecs commercial featuring our very own students. 

news item
Student engineers send tiger into space

Pacific engineering students and faculty helped test launch a tiny satellite carrying a payload they designed.

news item
Fracking report a ‘road map’ to safer energy production in California

Pacific’s William T. Stringfellow was part of a team of scientists who prepared an independent assessment of oil well stimulation treatments, including hydraulic fracturing or fracking.

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